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'98 Plymouth Voyager Won't Start

I have a 1998 Plymouth Voyager, 3.3L FF (77k miles) that is having trouble starting. The engine will, at first, start perfectly, but immediately stall. It will do this about 6-7 times, then won’t start at all. Then all you will hear is the starter clicking. The accessories work fine, lights, radio, etc…this happened a few months ago, but eventually went away. Mechanic couldn’t find anything wrong. Not sure how hard he looked, he’s my father’s friend. You know how that goes…

Checked the battery connection, cleaned terminals, tightened connections, etc… But will still not start. Had it towed to the garage the next day, and started perfectly, and could not recreate the issue.

I am thinking maybe the starter or something…any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!’s minivan site is a place where special knowledge of Chrysler minivans is to be found. Someone there may be able to give some direction. Good luck. Please let us know what you find.

My 99 Voyager w/3.3 needed to have the starter solenoid contacts cleaned about three years ago. The sometimes-no-crank problem went away with that service. I had already replaced the suspect battery.

thanks shanonia, just replaced the battery a few months ago, along with the connections. stopped, but started again this past weekend. most likely just coincidence. thanks again. will let you know the verdict.

If it starts but immediately stalls a bunch of times then I’d not be likely to worry too much about battery/starter (except for the effects of extra abuse).

You could possible have an intermittently sticky idle air control valve or dirty/loose connections. Did you ever try to keep it running by giving it some gas? If it so happened the IAC valve was closed this would let air in through the throttle.

Eventually ending up at a no crank could have just been wearing down the battery through successive starts.

That’s just my first guess.

Thanks Cig,

I actually tried giving it some gas before it had a chance to stall, for that same reason, the IAC. I had that issue on a previous vehicle, but it didn’t work. Still stalled. But in doing that(throttle), I did notice that the tachometer didn’t move, even though I was giving it some gas…

Weird? But that’s good to know about considering the starter. thanks!