Transmission Problems

I am having problems with my 95 voyager.

i will be driving it and sometimes when i apply the brakes it will automatically shift into first gear. it has 135000 miles and i bought it used a few months ago. i changed the filter and fluid, and the trans computer but nothing seems to work.

I brought it to a technician and they said that it doesnt show an actual problem with the trans…and they are stumped as well.

any suggestions?

Looks like you may need Transman18’s help with this one.

You don’t say how fast you are traveling when this occurs. I suspect it happens while driving slowly, correct?

After you stop and then try to speed up again, does the tranny only shift up to 2nd gear and no further?

If so, it’s going into what is called ‘limp mode’ to save the tranny but will allow you to creep to a shop for repairs.

When my '94 Voyager did this, I wound up putting an $1800 rebuilt in and then GOT RID OF IT!.

sell it or pay costly tranny repairs