93 plymouth acclaim 3.0 - engine dies

intermittently when low speed turning or when stopped. Will restart after a while. Have replaced computer; map, throttle positioning, & temp. sensors; ignition coil; cap; rotor; spark plugs & wires. Welcome any suggestions.

Afaid my grandson’s going to get himself killed in this mystery car. Thanks!

When you get down to the bare basics of this problem, how would you state it? How about: “Intermittently, the car engine will suddenly stop running.”?
The sudden stop part indicates a sudden electric/electronic hiccup, doesn’t it?
When the engine stops, what else changes? Does the radio go off? Does the electric clock start flashing? Do any of the dash warning lights go on? Do the dash lights go out? What other things happen, or don’t happen? Have you pulled the check engine light codes? If so, what are they?
Collect all the symptoms, and information, you can, surrounding the intermittent stops, and bring those here. With more information, someone will better know how to advise you.
Have you followed the troubleshooting instructions in the repair manual? Is that how you found all those faulty parts you changed (by performing the checks and tests in the repair manual)?