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Cutlass Supreme 3.1 Intermittent Stalling

I drive a 1995 olds that has 125,000 miles. It runs like a dream but I have been having one problem I cannot pinpoint a solution for. When started cold, it runs and drives perfectly all day long, no problem. However once it reaches operating temperature and is shut off for a short period of time, it shudders and stalls upon restart. Then it does not restart until the engine is cool. The problem has been intermittent and not as much of an issue during the winter, but as spring approaches I worry it may become a bigger problem.

It has had a recent tune up: new spark plugs, wires, radiator, hoses, fuel filter, fuel pump, air filter, and water pump. This issue existed before all these parts were replaced.

Any advice or places to look would be greatly appreciated.


Carry an extra spark plug in the vehicle.

The next time the engine won’t start, remove a spark plug wire from one of the spark plugs on the engine. Take the extra spark plug and plug into the spark plug wire and lay the spark plug on the engine.

Now have someone crank the engine over while you watch spark at the end of the spark plug.

The spark should be a bright blue color.

If the spark is more of a yellow color or nonexistent, the problem might be with the Ignition Control Module below the coils.


Turns out it was a faulty fuel pump. I was mistaken in thinking I had that replaced beforehand. Runs great again without any problems!