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93 jeep wrangler stalls when pulling up to stop

my Daughter has a 93 jeep wrangler…every time it slows for a stop it stalls out…will start right back up but shows no trouble codes…I have cleaned the throtle body…the AIC valve…and check the fule pump pressure. check engine light did come on once my Daughetr said but found no stored code. Have also replaced the gas cap, plugs and wires. when restarted it fires right up faster than a cold morning start. so any help…this is a straight 6 with around 169K miles

If the Wrangler has an automatic transmission the lock up converter may be failing to release.

The problem might still be with the IAC valve.

You can try cleaning the IAC valve, but this won’t help if the IAC valve is malfuntioning electrically. Sometimes a faulty IAC valve can be checked for by tapping on the IAC valve with a handle of a screwdriver while the engine is idling. If doing this causes the engine idle speed to change the IAC valve is defective.


I would suspect a stuck EGR valve.

Option 3 a bad vacuum hose to brake booster. Try slowing to a stop using parking brake and if no prob brake vacuum line or booster or master cylander.