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engine stalling

brakes squealing

my chrysler mini van has a stalling problem i cant seem to fix i have replaced the tps,cam sensor,fuel filter& the air filter is good this happens hot or cold mostly hot it will stall when i stop the van while driving it starts right up & will run ok for a short time & then stall out again this is an intermittent problem can any one help the van has 197000 k on it

Why did you replace all of those things? Are you just taking wild guesses? Things like tps & cam sensors can be tested. There’s no need to guess. So stop it or you’ll go broke.

Is your check engine light on?

Clean your throttle body and idle air control (IAC) valve. Check the wiring for the IAC and if you have a voltmeter, find the specs for it and test it. If you don’t have a repair manual with the specs, Autozone’s free online info may have it. If you don’t own a voltmeter, there’s no reason not to. They’re cheap and handy for lots of things.

ok i had the van at my mechanic to hook up a scanner & run the van both on & off everything seemed to check out ok we could not get the van to put out a trouble code or light at all i have cleaned the iac&throttle valve and still stalling what else coulld this be maybe the egr ???

The IAC can be cleaned but can still be failing - whether its power supply is squirrely from a wiring problem or the motor itself.

An EGR problem could theoretically stall a car. But first find out how the whole EGR system works. The valve itself is only part of it. You can find out by temporarily disabling the EGR to see if the problem goes away.