Jeep Stalling

This car has given me nothing but problems since the day I bought it 6 years ago. A few days ago the car has decided to shut off on me when I braked at a stop light. Even when i put it in neutral it wants to stall. I have done so much research and replaced some things but obviously it was not the problem. Forgive me i know nothing about cars but im thinking its the Transmission lock up converter. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated

In this 6 years why have you not had a shop look at it . What ever year this Jeep is.

It has been looked at multiple times and they never saw any problems and if there was a problem mopar fixed it

What year is it? It’s a long shot, but you might try cleaning the throttle body, the maf sensor (if equipped) and the iac valve (if equipped).

Is the check engine light on? What parts have you replaced already?

If it hasn’t been done, have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body.


its a 2004 and the throttle body was cleaned but now its making a whistle sound. Check engine light is on but the code comes up power steering leak and the mechanic who changed my spark plugs said that’s not causing it to stall and shut off. I have to check my files but most recently (Thursday) was spark plugs, pcv valve and fuel injector o rings.

but if the throttle body had a leak and the car has extra air it doesnt see cant it cause it stall too?

Then, the crankshaft position sensor may be failing.


Vacuum leak created when they worked on the throttle body?

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that what he suggested but he couldnt fix it unless i got a new one

With the whistling and stalling, my first guess would be the iac valve is bad or the passages are clogged. But that’s only a guess. It might be worth replacing, they’re 50 bucks or less. But it would be a $50 gamble. Otherwise, I’d try a different shop. I don’t like throwing parts at a problem. But I like paying a shop to throw parts at a problem even less.

Alright. Thank you for your help!

You can unplug the iac valve, start it up, and see what happens. It should idle higher. If it doesn’t, I’d remove the valve, clean the passages, and clean the tip of the valve, then reinstall it and try starting the engine again. If that doesn’t help, the iac valve may have failed.

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If it still stalls when in neutral, it’s definitely not a problem with the torque converter lockup system.


Whistling, to me, means someone created a vacuum leak. Nothing is going to be right until that is corrected and it should not be difficult to sort out.