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Jeep Wrangler stalls

I own a 2004 Jeep Wrangler with the 4L engine. I am having stalling problems. It sometimes happens when I slow down at an intersection or turn into a parking place. Always at slow speeds. I have read Jeep forums on the Internet and apparently this is not a rare problem. I have tried a few suggestions like cleaning the air filter and cleaning the Idle Air Control valve but neither of those suggestions solved the problem. Also this stalling problem does not leave any code on the Jeep’s computer system so a mechanic could diagnose it. I am worried that this stalling problem might cause a serious accident either on the road or while driving on a 4X4 road.

Make sure that no one has ever “adjusted the idle”. There is an throttle stop screw that some people believe is an idle control like on carburetors, but that is not its function. It is just to prevent damage to the throttle body from closing the throttle plate too quickly. If someone turned that up, then the engine computer never knows your foot is off the gas and it never takes over the idle to keep the engine running.