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93 Honda looses engine power at high speeds

The other day i was driving my car on the interstate with the cruse control on when my car lost engine power and started to loose speed. i disengaged the cruse control and pressed down on the accelerator to increase speed and nothing happened. About 5 to 10 seconds later the engine kicked back in and i went on my way (slightly unnerved). Any insights?

If you lose engine power under those circumstances, the first thing that I would look at is the ignition switch. On a car that is now 15-16 years old, it is very likely that the switch is simply worn out–especially if you are in the habit of keeping a lot of keys on your key ring.

A loose electrical connection could also cause you to lose engine power. If the ignition switch turns out to be okay, then check the battery cables (both ends!) for a loose connection. If the problem is not there, then you will have to dig deeper to find the problem connection.

When the engine quit, you had 5 to 10 seconds to make several observations. Some of those observations, you need not mention; but, did you notice if the dash still had power? The ignition switch may be the varmit, or may not.
On Honda, there are three component inside the distributor which can cause sudden engine power loss (by cutting spark generation). One could check and test each component in the distributor; but, you would be time and money ahead if you replaced the distributor with a re-manufactured one—which comes with a warranty. A used distributor is problematic----it can fail in the same way, at any time.