1994 Honda Accord Sdn - Random power loss - any suggestions?

Sometimes the engine just looses power. It seems to be random. You pull over and give it about 5 minutes and it is usually fine. I’m thinking maybe clogged fuel strainer, but someone told me check something about the distributor.

There may be an ignition control module inside the dist. AKA pickup coil, signal generator, etc. It’s a heat sensitive part that tells the distributor when to fire a spark. If you have a weak spark when it’s happening that could be it.

It could also be a problem in in evaporative control system. If some air can’t get into the gas tank, the fuel pump will eventually be unable to overcome the vacuum. If when it happens you take off the gas cap and put it back on and the engine then runs well, voila.

Have someone check for excessive exhaust back-pressure.

There may be a problem with the catalytic converter.