93 cutlass ciera computer

How do I replace the computer in the 93 cutlass ciera, 3.3 engine 6 cylinder,.I see the computer is behind the glove box…but a very tight spot…any suggestions on how to get it out please? thank you, Frankzee

Remove the glove box first, it should be easy to remove.

Hey thankx a whole bunch for the input, I have the glove box out, the computer sets up in the in a vertical position…I removed the two bolts, but man it’s a very tight squeeze, not easy. you can hardly see those bolts…but I can’t get it out, anyway when I figure it out how…is there any special prceedure to do when plugging and attaching the replacement computer?
have the best day ever!.

I replied to your other thread on the same topic that there are some sort of tabs retaining the computer into that plastic “case” that envelopes it. It’s been a long time since I had to remove one of them, so I don’t really remember how they work. The two bolts are two of four (I think) that hold that plastic case to the firewall. The other two are behind the computer. Once you unplug the wiring harnesses, you may see those tabs I am referring to. It should slide straight down once those tabs are released.

As far as procedures for replacing the computer, it’s a good idea to do it with the battery disconnected. Other than that, you will have to transfer your current PROM chip into the new computer. The PROM is behind a small removable cover on the case of the computer, held on with two screws. The instructions for the new computer (if you are getting a reman. They cost less than a hundred bucks last I checked) will have detailed instructions on how to do this, but it’s pretty straightforward. Hope this helps.

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Ok Thank you very much…