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Olds van, replace engine computer

I have an 94 olds silhouette van I inherited from my father. My mechanic told me the engine computer is going out and its very expensive to replace. I did some reach and found a rebuild one for 140.00. Do you think its a job I could do? I am a very handy gal (two art degrees ) Any thoughts most helpful

This kind of thing is normally not difficult at all. The hardest part in many applications is just removing things in the way. The other glitch has to do with whether a new computer needs to be “flashed” for it to work properly. Most aftermarket companies that sell these things either send them as plug & play units or with specific instructions on how to get it up and running.

I would suggest that you drop by an auto parts store and pick up a basic repair manual for the van (about $20). It should tell you exactly how to remove & reinstall the computer, but it will also give you all sorts of other money saving info & instruction on basic maintenance & repair jobs. They pay for themselves if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

However, I’d also suggest that you get a 2nd opinion. What is going on with the van that makes your mechanic think you need a new computer?

Well he hooked it up to the diagnostic computer which I believe told him that. The engine light has been on for a long time now and nothing seems to turn it off. Also dashboard lights come on and go off. I think I will get a manual, I do love manuals.
Thanks for the information.
CJ Clark