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93 cutlass ciera 3.3 computer location

please anyone know the computer location on the 93 cutlass Ciera S 3.3 6 cyliner?

Thank you…very much… Sincerely

Frank zee

I believe it’s mounted under the air filter box.


Ok thank you …i’ll check that in the morning…cause I want to try replacing it with another computer

I checked under air filter box…the computer doesn’t seem to be there…

Behind the glove box, up under the dash on the passenger side. You will have to remove some stuff to find it, possibly even the glove box. I’m assuming it’s there since the vast majority of GM vehicles of this vintage had their computer mounted in that location. I have had a '90 Skylark, a '90 Cavalier, and a '95 Grand Am, all with the engine computer mounted in that same location.

thanks yes it’s up there behind the Glove box…but what a tight spot…I’ve tried to get it out several times…I took off the two bolts that hold it onto the brackets…than what? couldn’t get it out. Thank you…

I seem to recall them sliding out after releasing a couple of tabs, which are difficult or impossible to see. Do you have a Haynes manual? It will show how to do this with both a description and clear photography. If not, it will be $20 well spent for you to get one.