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Obtaining the right ECM and PROM for Cutlass Ciera

I need to get an ECM for my 92 Olds Ciera and was advised to call a dealer with my VIN# and they can give me the PROM code for the right matchup on the ECM. I’ve had trouble getting a dealer to help me. So far the ones I’ve called say I should bring the car in, etc., and they’ll do the work. I’m trying to get the ECM myself and have my brother install it. Just wondering if it’s really that hard to get this PROM code from a dealer??

If you remove the PROM from the old ECM, and take the ECM to a local auto recycler they may be able to match it up with a used ECM. Then it’s just a matter of plugging in the PROM into the replacement ECM.


Check the original post by Cincytown “3rd gear shudder after ECM replacement”. The gist of the story was that the mechanic replaced the ECM with a used ECM that now demostrates a TCC shudder. The mechanic discarded the old ECM (possibly it was returned for a core charge).

Cincytown is trying to get the correct PROM for the 92 Olds Ciera with the V6 engine.

This car is 18 years old. GM is unlikely to have an original PROM on the shelf. Also, I am not sure if this ECM had a CAL chip which might have held the VIN specific information.

So if you can give the OP a hand in getting the correct PROM and/or CAL chips, reply.

Hope this helps.

ECMs are available at McParts stores at a reasonable price and they will help you transfer the PROM. It is very important to get the PROM moved without damaging it. I recently bought one for a 91 Chevrolet at Auto Zone for less than $90. They had it in stock.

I am very grateful for you guys helping me out. That’s right, the mechanic had discarded the old ECM and now it’s a little tricky finding the right one. But I’m sure I’ll find one. My brother says we can go to a junkyard and look around but I’ve noticed several websites selling these parts, and it just sounds good to try to match up the right PROM info. I’m stupid about cars but learning alot. I’ll try McParts, and any other advice or thoughts you might have on the subject, I’m grateful.

I’ll give those a go… Thank you.