93 Chevy S10 6cyl 2.8L 2WD

My spouse passed away so I need to learn how to keep up his truck. I’m inexperienced so I’m just going to apologize ahead of time. I’d like to start small so… The windows won’t stay on the track. I know how to remove the door panel and pull them back up but that’s no way to live. I noticed a hole towards the top of the window so I think it’s missing a pin? I may need to find a new track as well? It doesn’t have any rubber on it to keep the window in place it’s just metal. What do y’all think?

Start by calling local junk yards, and see if they have used parts that can be installed.


Sorry for you loss and there is probably some emotional attachment to this truck. Parts may be difficult to find and other than to you it has little value . Could there be a younger person in your family that might like to take this and make it into a drivable vehicle because I suspect it needs a lot of work.

m 32 so the younger people in the family are less likely to be mechanically inclined. The truck does not have serious problems at the moment. Most of the damage is cosmetic or comfort related. My neighbor believes it may need a throttle body or sensor because it has a weird idle when it starts. After I drive it awhile it’s not an issue but it’s a real hassle in the beginning. When the winter comes I’ll have a real issue trying to warm it up if that isn’t fixed.

I know of a local junkyard and I am looking online. As a newly single mother I have to be careful how I spend money. The people at the parts store and junkyard do not offer mechanic advice. If I’m not careful I’ll end up wasting money on parts I don’t need.

I checked to see if Rockauto even had a window regulator for your vehicle. And they didn’t.

And if Rockauto doesn’t have a part, it usually means it’s going to be hard to find.

A junkyard will be able to determine if parts from a another year/model will work in your vehicle. That’s why I recommended it.


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A plastic guide goes in that hole, then the guide snaps into the rear glass channel. Rock Auto has the guide for $0.68.

The seal that goes around the door glass in the door channel is called a “glass run”. Rock Auto has a glass run and belt line molding kit for both front windows for $100.

Rock Auto has window regulators for power windows only, no manual regulators.


That sounds pretty bad. Hopefully I’ll find what I need or learn how to work with what I have. Thank you for your time.

Thank you! That is what I was looking for. I really appreciate your help and I’m sorry I can’t contribute something better than questions to the forum. I’ll look them up and post a picture if it works out.

I added a link for the part in my previous post.

Thank you. I was looking for the glass run and belt line molding kit but I found the plastic guides in your link. Is this the right thing?

Yes, that is it.

It is in the body section;




The guide that @Nevada_545 mentioned is the likely cause of the problem and it’s a pain to replace.

Here’s the FIRST thing you need to do . . .

buy a repair manual for the truck

Haynes or Chilton will be just fine

Autozone or O’Reilly might have one in stock . . . but they generally don’t stock manuals for trucks this old, no offense

Order one over the internet


I don’t think you could get the 2.8L V6 in the S10 Blazer in 1993. IIRC the 4.3L was the only available engine. For the window, you’re probably going to have to scour junk yards and maybe Ebay. @db4690 is absolutely correct, you should obtain a repair manual.



Sure, you COULD pay $40 or so at Autozone/O’Reilly, but why? You can get the Haynes book on Ebay, shipped to your door for less than $15. It’s funny how that works. Tools and auto parts are also available online, such as on RockAuto, for less than 1/2 the prices charged in the big-box parts stores.

Noticed how I mentioned BOTH options :wink:

I have an older Ford truck and find that LMC is a pretty good source for these kinds of parts. Suggest to Surf over there and if they have one, order a parts catalog for you truck.

Look under the “S10 Blazer” menu . Looks like you could get the 2.8L in the S10 pickup.