93 chevy G30 cargo van 4.3L STALLING!

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i have a 93 chevy G30 cargo van with a 4.3L V6 motor and its a 1 ton van and also had automatic trans!

about 4 days ago i was low on gas and didnt get a fill up on gas on time and the van stalled out… so i put $10 in drove home and added $20 more!

about an hr later the van stalled out again and took a few extra cranks to get it started again, i went home and the van sat for about 5 hrs. went out started it drove 1/2 mile and it stalled out and wouldnt start! i got a police tow home then my buddy came and sprayed starter fluid into my TBI carb thingy, it started right up!! car sat for hrs then i replaced the fuel filter that night thinking it was clogged… for the last few days i been driving it cause its my only vehicle and i had to…

many times it has stalled out and wont start unless i spray starter fluid into the motor and it sometimes still stalls after! i used iso heat the other day, along with lucas fuel cleaner! yesterday i put in $20 in premium gas thinking thatll clear my carb things where the gas sprays and help clean my motor and stuff… nope!! so today thinking my fuel pump is weakened i bought a new bosch pump and installed it along with a sock! drove her around the block jumping for joy yay my vans fixed, till i drove 1/2 a mile away (( she stalled out again!! ok so now im pissed… ok so i go to the local auto parts store get some advice, used some gumout to clean my intake carb thingy, got my ignition control module tested, checked my check engine light, O2 sensor which i do need, i have to cat convertor but i do have a muffler!! i did a FULL tune up about 2 months ago! plugs wires rotor and distributor!!! now it seems as though it stalls the most when i come to a stop or when im idling at a red light!! im thinking its a low idle but i CAN NOT increase my idle its not possible on this motor!! im thinking i may need to replace the computer but im unsure! ive ruled out a fuel relay and bad gas! it could be low fuel pressure but i have a new pump!!! idk… the gas lines are not that rusted but im sure wouldnt hurt for a replacement in due time! but im just baffled as to wat the hell is wrong!!! this van never stalled out since ive owned her!!! this stalling issue only started after it ran out of gas!! it drives perfect on the freeway which i got it up to 85mph with no issues!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! my money is starting to get low and i really need my van for work and my family!!! im sure its something SOOOOOO small and dumb but i no theres gotta be someone who can help me!! please help me please please please!!! please

CALL ME IF U CAN HELP ME!! 586-868-3293 - ADAM

heres the motor picture maybe itll help

This may help: http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c1528006c647 This, too: http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c1528006c650

With the ability to visualize the injectors, you should be able to tell if the both injectors are squirting gas (keep your face out of the line of fire). Are the injectors squirting. If you squirt starting fluid continuously will the engine stay running?

One thing I have seen on the 4.3l V6 is that the ignitor can get flaky. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t. I had a friend who went through fuel pump, cap, rotor, spark plug wires, and spark plugs before we finally tumbled to the intermittant spark. The ignitor tested okey but a replacement cleared up the dying and no start condition.

Hope that helps.

ok so i noticed the engine to frame ground is broken i have the new part i also got a new ignition control module wwhich ill be putting both into when the waether clears up! after that ill let u guys know how it runs, how ever today, I HAD TO get groceries so i drove 4 miles to the store each way, it stalled about 5 times on the way there, after spending about 2 hrs sitting i drove home and about 2 miles away it stalled out again, used starter fluid got it started drove a mile got into the turn lane and it went PUTT PUTT PUTT, but didnt stall out… parked sat 15 minutes drove it away about 100 yards and she stalled out so for kicks i cranked it w/o starter fluid and she started ran 10 seconds stalled i repeated that and she stayed running, drove a mile, sat at a light and it went PUTT PUTT then stayed running but kinda moved forward some… ODD??? huh… anyway im home now!!! been here about 15 minutes… its 550pm EST time… LET ME NO WAT YOU ALL THINK… THANKS A MILLION!!!

You need to get a repair manual and check out some things. You need to check the MAF Sensor and it electrical connector plug. It could be loose, or making poor connections.