2005 Chrysler 300c

After 2 1/2 years of ownership , I filled up at a shell gas station and the car stalled 8-10 times on the way home. six mos. later I still have the problem and in addition to stalling it surges. the check engine light does not come on and the dealership wants to play trail & error with me. You know, lets try this and see if it works

First things first.
Is the car up to date with ALL of the maintenance mentioned in the Chrysler maintenance schedule? If not, you first need to do everything listed there before a correct diagnosis is possible.

With any luck, just doing things like replacing spark plugs and filters will do the trick. If not, at least the mechanic will have a better chance of accurate diagnosis at that point. And, a well-reputed independent mechanic is preferable to the dealership.

For probably the first time ever I’m going to suggest that bad gas may be the problem. And it may have clogged your filter. Start by changing the filter and see if that helps. Post back with the results and with the filter’s condition.

NOTE: even though the CEL does not light, see of there are any stored codes anyway. An operating problem of this magnitude should have surely set some.

I’m sorry I’m new at this and tried to explain my problem in too few words. The stalling only occurs for the first 8-10 miles after filling up and then goes away until I fill up again. the dealership says that there are no stored codes. I have had the throttle body cleaned and the computer reset. They claim that since there are no codes they cannot do anything. I find it hard to believe that I am the only one in America with this problem. I also thought gas with some water in it and added a can of drygas. did not work. I have called several people and of course get conflicting details. One dealership said get a tune up and the next one said that a tune up wouldn’t do anything for it. Hence, I don’t know where to turn.

I would strongly suspect the car’s evaporative emissions system. Most likely either a valve on the purge system is flukey or the carbon canister is contaminated. What bothers me is that the dealership seems to be unable to come up with a diagnosis. Time for a well reputed independent mechanic, I think.

This occurs to people who insist on continuing to put gas into the tank after the pump clicks off for the first time. If that describes you, then unfortunately you may have some expensive repairs ahead of you. A new valve for the purge system is not expensive, but replacing a carbon canister could easily run you $400. For your sake, I hope that it is not the carbon canister.

I do not continue to put gas in the car after it clicks off. In St Louis they have built in things to stop people from doing it. Now that I live in FL I continue not to do it. Your Thoughts sound as good to me as any and I will be sure to follow up. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply with your expertise. It was good of you and good luck to you.

As the Same Mountain Bike has said, check for trouble codes even if the CEL did not display.

Here is a link to get any stored codes by using the “Key Dance”.


Just to let you know, the 300 does not have a Fuel Filter.

If it only happens when you fill up, don’t fill up until the fuel nozzle clicks off. Stop filling when the tank is about 2 to 3 gallons short of full. Then, see how it drives. If it still has a problem, it may have something to do with taking the gas tank cap off (tank pressure change).
You should allow an independent mechanic/shop some diagnostic time (and pay) on the problem. No one wants to diagnose for free.