2003 Jetta Stalled

My '03 JETTA stalled on the hwy while I was driving…it just lost power and the battery light came on. I had the blower on and the radio, and the lights as it was nighttime…i turned the key to the off position and turned it back on and the car started without hesitation…what could have caused that to happen?.. Battery is brand new and vehicle just had a tune up.

A bad (worn out) ignition switch is a strong possibility.

How would I check that…or do I have to just replace it.

ok…so it stalled again. According to the wife, it’s her car, it seems to only happen when the car is low on gas, just before the gas light comes on. Any ideas?

Weak pump

I didn’t even think to check that because the pump was changed about a couple years ago. Wouldn’t think it would have gone bad already, but who knows what they put in there. I will check into it and update my findings.

You should also check the ignition coil. VW had to replace millions of these because they were defective. Yours may not have been replaced yet. Google “vw ignition coil replacement” for more info.

Stalling while low on gas could be just coincidence. I would suspect the coil first, as this is a known problem for your vehicle.

Keep the gas above 1/2 a tank and see if it fails again. If not it’s a weak fuel pump.

it does not fail when it is above 1/2.