Stumped On Ignition. Need Some Help Please


Hi All,

I have a 1985 chevy G30 van. 350 c.i…

Van will not start. It does have plenty of fuel. I pulled the fuel line off the fuel pump (mechanical pump) that goes to the carb, turned the motor over as fuel was pumping . I checked the carb itself. When I throttled the pump on the carb, I could see fuel squirting in. I pulled a plug wire, and did get spark when turning the motor over.I don’t have a fuel pressure gage to check and see if the mechanical pump is putting out the right pressure, but while I was turning the motor over, I could smell the gas clearly.I have not changed the coil, as I did not think this was the problem.I did pull the ignition module.I am hoping the auto parts store can maybe test it before I but one. Well, all input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You say you have fuel and spark.

Have you serviced the distributor (ie. changed the rotor or points)? Does this year still have a condenser?

I can’t remember the year the ignition changed.


Check the compression. The valve timing may have changed due to a sprocket slip. If the compression is low on each cylinder then check the valve timing.


check for spark on more then 1 cylinder.


Were there things done to the engine BEFORE it wouldn’t start? What things?


Yes, check for spark on all the cylinders.

Is it bad gas? I had an 86 Celebrity (2.8 carbed) that would not start, it had fuel and spark, but it turned out the gas was bad. My lawnmower would not run either, and when I filled up the car is when I got gas for the mower.

Maybe before checking for spark at all the cylinders, try spraying starting fluid in the carb and see if it runs.