'92 Buick LeSabre/ parking-lights only work occasionally

At night, the parking-lights on my '92 Buick LeSabre Custom sometimes work when I press the button, and other times… I guess they’re just not in the mood- to come on. Thankfully I’ve never had this problem with my head-lights- but why would this occasionally be a problem for my parking-lights?? Does the answer lie somewhere inside my ‘fuse-box,’ maybe? Any advice would be greatly appreciated- many thanks!!

The trouble may be with the switch itself. Checking for voltage on the lead to the rear lights on the wire from the switch will verify if that is true or not. The trouble may also be after the switch.

Hey Cougar, just wanted to send along this note to say thanks for your reply- much appreciated. Thank you.

I also believe the problem is likely in the switch. I think they do make a replacement, so try that out. I had the same problem with my 1990 Buick Skylark, and unfortunately they don’t reproduce mine, and a LeSabre switch wouldn’t work. I ended up dismantling it and rebuilding it myself, which was a pain, but it’s still good six years later.

It’s almost sure to be the switch. Does yours have the “twilight sentinel”? If so, once you know the lights are working, I think setting the sentinel to turn them on will light the parking lights every time.

You’re very welcome for the help. There’s a lot of good regular posters here on this site that know their stuff and solve problems like this. Keep us posted on the progress.