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'92 Lesabre Headlight Switch

Sometimes in my 1992 Buick Lesabre when I turn my headlights off, my instument cluster lights and my parking lights stay on. I replaced the switch, which is in the door panel a couple of months ago but the problem has returned. I pull two fuses as a temporary fix. Is it the switch again or a relay?

What switch in the door panel did you replace? Because it sound’s like it’s a problem in the headlight switch. I can’t remember if the headlight switch is mounted in the dash on your vehicle, or if it’s part of a multi-function switch on the turn signal stalk. But in either case, the headlight switch would be the first thing to check. Because all the circuits that are acting goofy are controlled thru this switch.


Thanks for your comment. The headlight and parking light switch is actually in the door panel. A real pain to replace and the switch wasn’t real cheap if I remember correctly. Not to mention only a couple of months old.

Since the switch is in the door then perhaps the real trouble is with the wire harness in the door jam. The wires can get brittle over time from the flexing of the door movement. The age of the vehicle is right for this kind of trouble.