Loss of power during accelerating

Have 2001 Ford Focus zx3 z-tec engine with five speed manual. Could not get my car to start and didn’t hear fuel pump running, so we have changed the fuel pump/filter. The car will start but will lose a lot of power when I accelerate (pedal to the floor). Almost as I am shutting off my car. The check engine light came on but have not got it checked. Will the car go in a safe mode if a certain fault occurs? Up for any ideas…

There are some sharp Ford guys here (not me) They would suggest that you go and get it scanned for the trouble codes (many places will do it for free) and then come back here and post them. Trying to trouble shoot a problem long distance without codes is nearly impossible. When you get the codes write up a new question and title it “Ford trouble codes” <----so that shows on the contents page. That will get a fast response

Did you change both filters? The external one, and the pick up sock?