2007 Audi A7 - Loses speed

Car driving at speed suddenly looses power, like running out of gas, and then picks up again in a few seconds. Terrifying.

Is the check engine light on or has it come on recently? My top of the head guess is a bad fuel pump but a guess is all it is. Have an independent shop you trust check out your car.

It it scares you, take it to a repair shop you trust and have them diagnose and fix the problem. We would need a lot more information to figure it out here, and even then it is unlikely because we can’t check the car with diagnostic equipment.

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Thank you! The check engine light has not come on. I am struggling to find a good repair shop in my area, and the dealer is 30 miles away. All the reviews on the site are 10 years ol.

You might join some Audi forums and ask around for a shop in your area. I’ve also had good luck with Google and Yelp reviews, but you have to read them carefully to find the meaningful reviews.

Ask everyone you know for recommendations. Eventually, a shop or two will get mentioned a lot. Try one of those.