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91 Prelude hazard fuse blowing

Recently my hazard fuse on my 91 Prelude has been blowing at a whim. It has blown once about five months ago and has not happened again till now. The other day while sitting in my car I stretched my feet out well under the dash before exiting the vehicle. I noticed that while attempting to drive the car, the turn signals and hazards seemed to be out. I left the switch and grabbed some of my spare fuses and got under the hood. The hazard fuse was blown but not the turn signal fuse. When I put the new fuse in it promptly blew that fuse and the next one I put in. I looked under the dash and found a small electrical box was disconnected. It was labeled “Automatic Smudge” I re connected this, went home and got more fuses. After doing so The fuse didnt blow and it ran to and back from work. While cornering a little hard with the blinker on it blew again. I replaced it and it ran all the way home. The next morning i flipped the blinkers and nothing happened.

I have been told it is a bad relay or a short. I checked the wires around the bulbs in the back and didnt see anything stripped. I have yet to check the front. Any ideas? Where is the turn signal relay hiding?