Mystery issue blowing cig lighter fuse, kills blower motor and signals

This seems to be the mother of all issues I’ve ever had for a car. I’ve taken it to the best mechanic in town three times and they can’t figure out the root cause.

What happens is my turn signals and blower motor will stop working and the best cause found was the cig lighter fuse would blow. I would replace this fuse every few weeks and it has happened sooner. They verified no shorts or issues with the cig lighter itself. Thought maybe it was the alternator but it checked out as well.

The battery light on the dash will also flicker and the air bag dash light is always on along with check engine when started. Before I brought it in it started hard once or twice and felt like it was losing power or slow to accelerate. Wipers were slow too.

That assortment of seemingly-disparate symptoms would lead me to suspect a bad Body Control Module. That would not explain the starting problems or the acceleration problems, but you might want to start with the Body Control Module.

Did you recently buy this car?

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A direct short should blow the fuse immediately. Since this fuse holds up for the short term I suspect the fuse blowing is caused by something with an abnormally high current draw. The most obvious thing would be the cabin blower motor. Current draw on those can skyrocket with age and miles.

The shop should have checked the blower current draw with an ammeter. The blower can be faulty and still move plenty of air with no noise whatsoever.