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88 prelude si project troubles

ok i just bought my project car today and it has 2 major issues.

1st issue: the idle is out of control. it idles fine when you first start it up ( although it doesnt fast idle) but the second you start to drive it when you go into first and give it gas it really doesnt get up and go but when you put your foot on the clutch it shoots up to about 3000 and it doesnt come back down until after you stop for awhile.

2nd issue: the fuel pump works until the engine warms up after that when you shut it off and try to start it again it doesnt come back on

any suggestions?

and by not come back on i mean the fuel pump does not turn on when key is turned

For the fuel pump it is possible that the main relay (a common honda problem) under the dash has gone bad, the main relay supplies the fuel pump with power.

thats what i was thinking to. anybody kno where it is under the dash? i tried looking and im stumped

It’s almost impossible to describe with all of the other relay’s under there, my recommendation would be to my a service manual that can illustrate it for you. You might be able to find pictures on a Prelude forum but I personally don’t have anything I could show you.

For the fast idle after driving:
Check your Throtle body it’s possible it’s not returning all the way/
Also check your idler screw, if it’s set super high it may be returning back to the right position.