Prelude 1990 blown alternator fuse

hi -

there’s a 10amp fuse for the fuel pump and alternator. twice it’s just blown. any ideas why this would happen?



history - car died on the road - no spark - towed to auto electric - replaced distributor and cap, all plugs, rotor button, and soldered a dry joint in the ecu - it ran - month later it died again - road service found the blown fuse - started up just fine - another month later blown fuse again - put in the spare and start just fine (note: not going back to the auto elec place as he is very sus)

Have you ever changed the fuel filter?

fuel filter? not certain. i have had the 100,000 kilometer service 3 years ago (it’s a major service including timing belt) - i’d assume the fuel filter was changed but don’t know for sure.