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91 Nissan won't start! No spark

'91 Nissan NX 1600.
It does not start., No spark from the coil which I’ve tried replacing, and the wiring tests fine everywhere before that. It’s been sitting like this for going on two years, I think.
Right before this started happening I replaced the clutch disk and flywheel, as well as complete timing, sprockets, guides, even the cover. About a week after that the fuel pump stopped, after I replaced that I hear it prime, but now I have the no spark problem.

Check the pick-up coil in the distributor and the ignition module. Also, use a multimeter to check the coil. If you do not have a multimeter, you need to get one if you want to figure this out.

I had tested the coil and it tested perfectly, however I’ve still heard of coils failing when the test right. Anyways, like I said I’ve tried replacing that with no result. What pickup coil? I know the crank sensor is in the distributor, and that is probable.