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No spark

1986 Honda Civic Hatchback 1300cc with carbureted engine & electronic distributor.

Has no spark. Has 12V power to coil & igniter but no spark at plug or from coil.

Igniter has been replaced with no success.

Coil tests with slightly high resistance in secondary winding and normal otherwise.

Car ran normally when parked then just would not start next morning. Cranks normally but won’t start. Rotor rotates.

The only spark output from coil is when ignition key is turned from off to first position and from first position to off.

I would suspect that the problem is with the timing pickup for the ignition module.

The fuel-injected engine has a pick-up coil assembly,but the carbureted engine only has an igniter according to Honda’s shop manual. The igniter has been replaced.

this set up usually has a magnetic unit in the distributor. If the gap between the unit and the distributor shaft is wrong, the igniter will not send the spark. Have that gap checked with a brass feeler gauge. Also, pull off the rotor arm, and check to see if there is a crack in it, up under the inside. such a crack can cause the spark to go into the shaft instead of out to the towers. Check the cap and wires too for corrosion and opens in the leads. old leads get brittle and the wires in them can break down.