Starting Problem

95 Nissan Pickup won’t start when turning the key first time; in fact nothing happens, no clicking. But starts right up when turning the key second time. This behavior has been consistent for the past month or two.

Cleaned battery posts but no help. A mechanic tested electrical system and said a new starter is needed.

The current starter was rebuilt 3 years ago. I am still not certain it is the cause. Should I wait for the symptom to get worse?

If you really wanted to really determine if it’s the starter which is responding, or not responding, to the turning of the ignition key, there is a way of doing that (other than changing parts). It involves using a multimeter measuring the voltage going to the starter/starter solenoid.

I would check connections and the relay (inhibitor relay in a auto or interlock relay in a manual).

Mechanic tested the system (that answers comments above) and said you need a new starter. Do it and get a new ignition switch while you are at it. 24 years of turning the key means you are due. Better now than someplace you don’t want to be sitting with a car that won’t start. Bad starters usually click but not always.