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89' Nissan 300ZX

I recently changed my plugs,wires,rotor,oil/filter,and air filter.The car was purring like a kitten,when out of the blue,I get in

it turn the key all it would do is turn over,but it would not start.The battery sounds strong but I’m not getting any spark off my plugs.Help.Any guidance would be appreciated.Thx


Look at the coil. Is there a spark at the high voltage terminal? If the coil resistances check out, you may have a problem with the igniter. Make sure that the coil and igniter are getting battery voltage.

That should steer you further to the solution.

Just to be clear - was the car ‘purring like a kitten’ after you did the tuneup, then it refused to start? Besides checking the coil, make sure the wires are all firmly seated.

One more idea. When you changed the wires, did you remove them all before starting to install the new ones? Are you sure you have them in the right order?