91 Honda - replace motor mounts or not?

My newly purchased 91 Honda Accord wagon (121000 miles) vibrates quite a bit at idle.

The shop told me the motor mounts are worn out, and that replacing them would take care of the annoying vibration, but that’s it’s not really necessary as it’s not going to hurt the car. But my stepdad says if the motor mounts needs replacing, I should do it right away cuz it’s going to shake other things apart.

Normally, if a mechanic advises me NOT to do a repair, I believe him, and this shop gets great reviews and has been around a long time. But in this situation, I feel unsure that it’s ok not to do the repair.

Any advice?

If you’re planning to keep the car I think replacing the motor mounts is a good idea.

Just be sure to stay away from this mechanic:


Your mechanic is wrong, worn motor mounts need to be replaced. They caused my radiator to crack where the hose attaches, costing me extra money. Find a new mechanic.