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2001 Honda Accord: do I have to fix the motor mounts?

My 2001 Honda Accord needs all motor mounts and it will cost 887 dollars that I do not have and no job.Can I still drive? I get a loud clunk every time I go from park to reverse and back.

Do you really need that car? You might fix the mounts and soon after something else will break.Cars can turn into real money pits. I would not drive it unless its a emergency.

Tim, there is no way anyone can predict if this vehicle will travel 3 feet or 300 miles before it fails over the web. What you need to think about is that if it fails some place it will need to be towed and if you don’t have the funds for that it may be impounded and then you really will have an expensive charge.

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Motor mounts bad enough to allow enough motor motion to make clunking noises also risk issues while driving. On cable operated throttles, they can get stuck in a position, worst case fully on. The motor can shift and mess up alignment with the propulsion mechanisms (e.g. drive shaft). It could end up far worse than an inconvenience. It needs to be fixed. A prime opportunity to learn something new and minimize costs by doing it yourself. Even better if you can find someone to lead you through it in person…

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Also get some more quotes for the work. You might be surprised and find a better price.

Good luck.

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