2005 Honda Accord Vibration

The car in question is a 2005 Accord Coupe 4 Cyl with 65,000 miles. This car is driven in somewhat harsh conditions because my in-laws live out in the desert, and the dirt road to their house is a very rough and rocky.

In any case, when the car is in park or at low speeds the vibration can be felt through the steering wheel and by the passengers in the front of the car. Once you get above 5 mph, you can’t really tell any problems except a slight rattle of the glove box. When we had the car in for a brake job, our mechanic told us that the engine mounts may need to be replaced in the future, but if we could handle the slight vibration for now, the repair could wait. Was this good advice, or should we have the engine mounts replaced? How much does this typically cost?

I don’t have a price for you, but I would have it done sooner than later. Those things can start a chain of problems, and getting it now might just save you a nice amount of money later.

You might want to get a second opinion, but if the mounts are starting to go, then I would do it now.