Cracked motor mounts


Its not really a good idea to put this off. In extreme cases, the throttle cable can get stretched out of its correct position by movement of the engine, thus making the engine race. That could be a real safety hazard.

Also, if you defer this for too long, the excess movement of the engine could cause the transmission mounts to crack. Get it fixed.

If your motor mounts truely are cracked, I agree wholeheartedly with VDC. I’d add that mroken mounts can allow the engine/tranny (yours is a transaxle) to move suffciently to cause damage to other connected lines and components. It’s a real good idea to get it fixed.

Question: were you having operating symptoms, or was this found on a routine inspection? If the latter, get a second opinion. Broken mounts should be causing clunking when accelerating from a stop and/or changing gears, excessive vibration, or some other symptoms.

Fix them. My car’s cracked motor mounts ended up cracking my radiator at the hose coupling, so I had to shell out double $$$$.

More info, please.

How old is the Accord, and how many miles on the odometer? Who told you the motor mounts were “cracked?”

I ask because “cracked” may not mean “broken,” and this could be another dealer money-maker. The rubber part of a mount might show a few tiny cracks and still not be causing any problems.

in my opinion there’s not enough information in the post to recommend replacement of the motor mounts.

Agree with you. At minimum he needs qualified person to look. That can’t wait. I became unmounted while accelerating away from a stop sign in 66 Chev w/327. One side of car suddenly lifted. I hit the key and neutral in a second. The engine fell back into position and sounded like someone had hit my hood with a bat. Lucked out and no extra damage. Things connected to things that go in circles tend to also go in circles. Think some physicist said that. That along with wanting to go forward or backward or sideways (braking, acceleration, turns) could make for a real fun lets-leave-it-and-see-what-happens.