Chrysler ABS Nightmare!

My 1991 Chrysler New Yorker ABS System keeps failing. Chrysler no longer carries this part. Can I simply install a conventional Master Cylinder to keep this car rolling… and (more importantly) stopping? It now takes all my strength on the peddle to stop our car and my wife is afraid to drive it! Suggestions, Please!



Your problem is not in the ABS (even if that system is indeed on the fritz) but in the vacuum booster, or at least somewhere in the vacuum system. This ought to be repairable, even if you must replace the booster itself. The part, if needed, should by available from Chrysler. If not, try the internet for used parts. You can continue to live without ABS once you get the main system repaired.

And I fully agree with your wife that this car should not be driven at all until the problem is fixed. Take her advice yourself.