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'91 Chevy Cheyenne pickup truck bed

My truck bed is severely rusted at the rear wheel fenders that the rust has arrived at the top of the bed. I found a replacement bed at a junkyard with the exact sky blue color. My question is…I have never removed the bed. Is it relatively easy to remove it? It is a long bed so what would be the estimated weight of the bed? Thanks!

The bed is just bolted to the frame, and is not difficult to remove. The tubing for the gas filler will be the most complicated thing.

I’d want a few friends to help lift the bed off. Either that or you could rent a hoist. You’re not going to lift it by yourself.

As was mentioned, the bed isn’t that difficult to remove but you may need to use a cutting torch as the bolts will likely be rusted solid.

Protect the fuel filler and line when/if cutting, or use a Dremel cutter.

As a matter of fact, it is rusted under the truck bed. The bolts look to be really rusted. Are the bolts attached to the bottom of the bed because I don’t see the bolts through the bed like there are in some other trucks. Any more advice? Thanks!

Bed removal is more or less straightforward. There are the bolts to remove, taillight wiring to disconnect, perhaps a ground strap for the electrics, and (as mentioned) the fuel filler neck. Of course, if the bolts are rusted to hell and gone that complicates matters. I suppose if push came to shove, you could just saw the rusted bolts off and use the ones that came with this replacement bed, assuming they’re available. If not, multiple liberal soakings with PB B’laster, a LOOOONG breaker bar (perhaps with a pipe on the end for extra leverage), and lots of heaving and grunting will hopefully get them off.

You’ll probably want four people to lift this thing up, as truck beds aren’t light and are very unwieldy.