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Anyone know what a truck bed weighs

I want to pull the bed off of my truck to hammer a big dent in the front of the bed. I’m wondering what they weigh since I’ll likely be pulling it up tied to rafters in the garage. Truck is a 2005 F-250 quad cab short bed. I’m guessing 300-400 lbs probably more with the spray in bed-liner. Anyone know for sure?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell ya what it weighs, but it probably doesn’t amount to too much. A guy I know who restored an old pickup took the bed off with just him and a couple buddies lifting it by hand. According to him, it wasn’t very heavy at all. And that’s an old 60’s truck built with heavier gauge metal- I’d bet your bed is lighter.

Plus, I’ve pulled big block V8’s w/ a come-along and a strap wrapped around a rafter in an old dilapidated tobacco barn, and everything held up just fine. So, I’d imagine you wouldn’t have any issues with just lifting a short bed.

you and a few friends can do that job by hand.