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'90 Camry ground problem

Have a '90 Camry - It was skipping 2nd gear for a while. Aamco rebuilt trans 2 years ago. Acted funny again 2 months ago. - skipping 2nd gear and overdrive light flashes constantly. Aamco says its the computer. Bought used computer. They checked solinoids, wiring harness - all OK

problem still occurred.

Took it it “great” transmission guy. - said its inside trans - rebuilt trans - says 2 plates were fused together.

ran good for 2 days - started skipping 2nd gear again -

took it back - in diagnostic mode it blinks 36 - no such code on a '90 Camry.

When car is cold it runs fine. After about 20 minutes it skips 2nd gear and the overdrive light flashes constantly.

He took it to his electronic guy - says its a grounding issue between the computer and the car - maybe a ground strap - but can’t find the problem. Recomended I take it to dealer -

Have any ideas??

What I can comment on is the shop throwing up their hands and saying “take it to the Dealer”. Are you willing to say to the Dealer “fix it at all costs”? If no one else can fix it you are kinda stuck.

Makes you wish you would have went to the Dealer for your replacement transmission.

I just don’t go for this “take it to the Dealer response” when “experts” can’t fiqure it out. Sorta justifies the Dealer charging a arm and leg.

The problem may be due to a faulty solenoid or a bad connection in the transmission wire harness. Since you have replaced the major items concerned with this problem it would seem the real trouble is something minor. The transmission controller may be at fault also. Perhaps our resident transmission expert here, Transman, will have some comment on this if he sees it.