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Transmission issue

my car drive great on the freeway, it’s just take off really slow. I talked to people they all think it’s the transmission problem it’s start on 2nd gear instead of first gear…so is there a cheaper way for me to fix this instead taking to the shop…thanks…

Year, engine size of your Camry…Has it been serviced lately or ever?? How many miles on it?? How does the fluid look?? Color, level…


4 cylinder 2.2 i don’t when it last service it’s has 391,000 miles on it and the fluid look a little yellow almost purple.

The car should have had 7 (seven)transmission fluid and filter changes already at that mileage!! You are lucky it is even running at all.

The best advice I can give you is to take it to a good independent transmission shop (not a chain) and have them at least do a fluid and filter change, inspect and adjust the transmission and road test the car. If you are extremely lucky that will do the trick. If not, you will likely need a re-built transmssion at that mileage.

Good luck!

Actually, I come up with something like 11-13 fluid changes that should have been done already! Frankly, I am amazed that the transmission has lasted this long if its maintenance has been so badly ignored.

391,000 could be a typo.

Would be more certain if we knew what year this Camry is.

The OP never said the transmission had never been serviced, he hjust said he didn’t know when it was serviced. He never even said it was an automatic, altho I would assume it is.