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Digital display not working intermitently on camry 98

For some time my 98 Camry has had the odometer display not working particularly when it is very warm outside, after it cools down(temp inside car)
it will come on and the speed needle will shoe the speed which is another symptom I failed to disclose earlier. While the display is off, the transmission appears not to change gears properly reving to unusual rpms. Has anybody experienced this, and what can be done to solve the situation? Thanks in advance! Montunopr

Is the Check Engine light on?


You have two unrelated problems.

The display is likely a dirty corroded connection behind the instrument panel.

The High revving and problems with gear shifting are a transmission problem. This could be a minor problem within the tranny or a a sign that a new tranny is in order.

The first step is to check the tranny fluid. If is is not a pink/red color or smells burnt then go to step two.
The second step is to do a tranny fluid change, including a new filter.

If you are not going to do this work yourself, find a independent transmission shop and stay away from the chain transmission shops. To them if a transmission has any problems…they want to install a new one.
Like quick change oil places, their mechanic’s are not specialists…they are many times workers that only know less than the basics and never receive further training. As long as they know “righty tighty, lefty loosy”…you’re hired.


I have to disagree a little w/my esteemed colleague Y above, the two problems could be related. The transmission may use the vehicle speed as an input for making shifting decisions. It depends on how the vehicle speed information is routed whether it is shared between the speedometer and the transmission or not. On my Corolla the same vss (vehicle speed sensor )is used for the speedometer and for the engine computer.

My firest impression on reading OP’s post is that thermal expansion has damaged an electrical connector or cracked a printed circuit trace somewhere.

Like @GeorgeSanJose stated, I also think the problems are related. The first thing to check for this kind of problem is make sure all the connections going to the dash cluster are making good connection. If they are good then I would check the power lead circuit that provides power to the odometer display.

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