Auto tranny takes a half second to go into gear. It doesnt slip just slight hesitation going into gear. This rig has 173000 miles on it and i dont know its maintenance history and dont want to stick much money in it. Any ideas???


Half a second? To me it’s just a sign of an aging transmission. You might want to drain the old tranny fluid and replace with fresh fluid and a new filter. It can’t hurt.

What year? If its a newer one, you can have the ect learned shift points reset with a Toyota scan tool. That almost always fixes a shift issue. Older Camrys. I’d change the fluid (just a drain and fill) with the proper fluid, no “shift enhancing” snake oil added. Also, disconnect your battery for a good ten minutes to let’s all the capacitors drain. Then hook back up, and drive normally. If you still gave a problem, then you may face a lazy shift solenoid. Even on older Camrys you can get flash codes to see if one is setting an ect code. No codes? After all that? Live with it, or get a new tranny, or car. But I’m a Toyota tech, and thus is what I’d try first. Hell, in the end, what do you have to lose by doing a bg flush with shift enhancers? That’d be my last option. Toyotas don’t need that normally to shift properly. Give it a try. Cheers

Thanks guys and its a 1992