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I have a 93 Camry V6 every time the car moves from a dead stop it feels like it starts from 2nd gear

That’s not much to go on.

Has the transmission been properly serviced all along? Is the transmission fluid at the correct level with the correct color?

The transmission wasnt serviced in years… I just replaced the transmission with a used one and the same proublem still there.

Had anybody advised you to replace the transmission?

No nobody advised me to replace it. I thought if I replace it it will be fine

U thought u had trans issue so u changed trans? Can u feel shifts? 1-2-3-4? It does go into overdrive but u feel it starts out sluggish or perhaps slowly accelerates so u assume it is 2nd gear starts? Can u move shift lever into 1st gear?

Maybe it’s an engine performance problem, not the trans.

U should only feel 2 up shifts than? 2-3 and 3-4? U do have tach? Monitor rpm? Did u change ur torque conv too?

@Stoveguy, how about plain English!

My eyes are sore from this texting gibberish!

When this started I drove the car for about 2 months and when I start moving I had to put it in L move the car and then go to D. one day the car stopped moving or moved for a block and stopped… every body told me its the trans so I relaced it with a used one but now the new trans is the same I have to put it in L to feel it going to first and move ( when I move and the gear is on D feels heavy like moving on 2nd gear).

every body told me its the trans

Did a professional auto mechanic test drive the car and give you that advice?


just out of curiosity . . . how many miles on that used transmission that you installed?

This Toyota uses the A540E electronically controlled transmission. Has any ECU codes been pulled? Do you know if there are any transmission controller codes? These should have been checked before a replacement transmission was installed.

From my quick research, grounding problems on the transmission, like missing straps, can cause transmission shifting problems. There are many things that could be checked before just simply replacing the transmission and hoping for the best.

OOOOOOOOh man I think that I should have taken it to a certified mechanic instead of a cheap work at home mechanic… I will take it to a shop and have it checked out.

Good idea. The fact that both trans have to be manually shifted into 1st gear says maybe the computer is involved? Maybe both trans are fine? U could have elec issue. Bad wire harness to trans. Poor chassis grounds?

Ibrahim, I think your decision to take it to a shop is a smart one. It’ll probably save you lots of time and aggrivation in the long run.

Sincere best.