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89' RANGER S - Water leak from ENGINE!

This has been a great little truck. No major issues and more than kept up. Recently I noted the radiator was dry as a bone. I filled it up with a garden hose and all the water ran directly from left mid-engine. Not the radiator, heater hoses but appears to be coming from around the exhaust manifold. Beats me. Can’t get to it to see it. Does this truck have freeze plugs or is it a gasket issue. Starts and runs fine so I doubt it’s a cracked block. HELP!!!

Sounds like a freeze plug has rusted out. That’s about the only thing that would allow a hole that big. Don’t try to drive the truck until you figure out where the leak is and fix it.

Great. Thanks - I called a parts house and they had no clue what a freezer plug is. I’ll check around some more. I had a Pinto do that once. almost identicle engines. The fun part is getting to it for it’s behind the exhaust manifold. This truck is strickly basic, standard, no air, bought new. didn’t even come with a radio! It does have 220,000 trouble free miles other than the usual stuff. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

You will probably have to remove the exhaust manifold to gain access to the “freeze plug”. They make rubber expansion plugs for replacement in difficult areas. Find a better parts house…

Yup. I’d say a freeze plug also. Not a freezer plug, that goes on that other big white square thing in the garage. Try another parts house, they may have had lunch on thier mind.

Thanks everyone! Imagine the horror when I saw water gushing out of my engine. My heart skipped a few beats on that one.