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Water leaking from the engine

I have a 1994 Nissan Altima with a water leak somewhere above the high temperature switch. I have already replaced the intake manifold gasket thinking that was the problem according to my mechanic who wanted $500 to replace it so I decided to do it myself. He could not see where it was leaking from and probably assumed it was the intake manifold gasket. After changing the gasket out myself I almost had everything back together again, started filling up the radiator and heard water pouring out. I can not see where the water is coming from and when I had the intake manifold out I replaced every hose I could and did not see anything suspecious that would leak water. Has anyone ever had this problem and am I going to have to pull the intake manifold to get to the leak to fix it?

Could the manifold itself be cracked?

I sure hope not, It looks like that there is no answer for now and I’m going to have to go ahead and finish pulling it back out and see what it is. I was hoping for some pics to help me out but no luck yet. Thanks for the reply!

The coolant literally pours out when you refill it and was doing this BEFORE you re&re’d the IMG?

Sounds like a loose freeze/frost plug in the block, perhaps located behind something.

When it first starting leaking water I had it towed to my mechanic’s shop, he couldn’t find the leak and it was going to cost too much to have it fixed so I figured I could do the work myself once he told me it was the intake manifold gasket. I didn’t have anything to lose by doing it myself. So I thought I fixed it by replacing the gasket but when I started filling up the radiator that is when I heard water running out of the engine.

Alright, I understand what you’re saying but my suggestion stays the same.

You are partly right or almost all right, it is called a blind freeze plug on the inside of the intake manifold, where the face of the manifold bolts to the engine, it is only 20 mm in diameter. I would have had to remove the manifold anyway to replace it, I hope that if this happens to anyone else they will have some insight into what it might be from these messages. I will start putting it back together once I have the freeze plug in and the new gasket on. Thanks for the input from everyone.