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Repairing 93 Trooper

Just replaced radiator on 93 Trooper, now there seems to be water coming from some where under the engine, my husband believes it is the freeze plugs, wondering the best and easiest way to get to them.

Help us out here. What was the chain of events that led up to the radiator replacement? The reason I ask is that the water coming from the engine is not normal. Was the radiator frozen or did it just burst open? The problem is that in addition to freeze plugs the other problems may be a cracked block or cracked cylinder head. You can purchase a Haynes repair manual at most auto parts stores for around $20. It will show you the freeze plug locations. I believe you may have a more serious problem though.

It had a crack in the radiator, he replaced it, I drove it possibly 15 miles fine. The next day I noticed the temp gauge going up so I stopped at a gas station. My husband came and it was leaking underneath, to him it looked like it was coming between the tranmission and engine, though today he filled the radiator back up took it for a ride came back and its leaking but not like the day before, just cant pinpoint where.