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89 Grand Caravan won't start!

Hi. Our 89 Grand Caravan won’t start. It started up just like usual Friday morning then at lunch wouldn’t crank over. All the dash lights, radio etc work. We’ve done a complete tune up on it thinking it might have been plugs, wires, etc but none of that seemed to make any difference. We replaced the ignition coil but it isn’t getting a charge. The battery has tested good. This isn’t so grand.

Any ideas?


So when you turn the key, does the engine turn? Or are you saying that that it won’t actually run?

The engine turns, it just never actually starts.

You need to determine what is missing in the combustion buffet. Do you have fuel, spark, compression and air in the combustion chambers? One of the four, most likely fuel, compression or spark is missing. You need to determine which of the dozens of electronic and mechanical components making up you ignition and fuel delivery systems isn’t doing it’s job. If you don’t have the tools or know how, paying a professional to do it will actually save you money, as opposed to just buying parts until you get lucky.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget timing.

They’ve tested everything that can be tested(including the timing), replaced everything that can reasonably be replaced. They’re stumped.

first i would try to get fuel into the intake area. either propane with a hose attached or starting fluid. spray some into the intake. then try to start it. if it starts then you have a fuel delivery problem of some type. if it still does not start then you probably have a spark problem. you must pin point the actual problem and quit throwing parts into it that may not be needed. seek professional help before you get too deep

So far we’ve not replaced anything that didn’t need replacing. We’ll try your suggestion. Thanks!

Well you’ve done a “complete tuneup” including a new ignition coil, all of which didn’t need to be replaced to make the vehicle run. You have thrown parts at it and wasted money unfortunately. You say “they’re stumped”, is this a shop that has done this work? If so I’d take them to small claims to get my money back.

I vote for crank position sensor. Only because i’ve seen it so many times and she said the coil isn’t getting a “charge”.