2018 Dodge Grand Caravan - Starting trouble

2018 dodge caravan ignition key sometimes turns to start but does not start. Have to keep trying to start. Everything seems to work but ignition when key turned to start position.

No question, no answer.


You did not ask a question, but my crystal ball said…

Dodge Grand Caravan Key Fob Battery Replacement (2008 - 2021) - YouTube

I presume you mean by “does not start”, you don’t hear the normal rrrr rrrr rrrr sound with key in “start” position. If so, that’s called a “no crank”. If that’s the problem, try again, this time with transmission in N rather than P. Or jiggle transmission lever a little at samr time. If it cranks ok then, perhaps intermittently, there’s likely a problem with the transmission neutral-safety switch. May or may not apply if your Caravan uses a key fob.