89 Ford Taurus 3.0 EFI


Please Help: Single mother struggles with a job and going to nursing school. Engine simply dies when driving along or when at a stop. It will restart on occasion but other times it may have to wait a few hours or overnignt before it will start. When it runs it is smooth, no smoke out the exhaust. No over heating, good tranny.

Was checked with a scanner but no faults noted. Anyone have any ideas where to start or at least the three most common problems for this make and model. All wires and connections appear ok.

Thank You


Step one ,the fuel filter. Around here, twice a year just cuz. Apartially plugged filter can clear itself somewhat as the sediment settles over time. A plugged filter will over-work the electric in-tank pump and take it out. Check air filter too as routine maintainence. If you’re mechanicaly inclined as is my daughter, you could change the fuel filter yourself but probably not the pump. Motorcraft #FG-800-A $14.99 at my Ford dealer. also at parts stores like AutoZone. Could be something else but start simple and see what happens.


Your car is one those that suffered with problems due to the TFI-IV ignition module and the symptoms you describe are similar to what you state.
Pulling the codes may not show a problem with the module and even individual testing of the module may not show an intermittent fault with these things.

Here’s the story behind them.

These modules are not very high priced and are easy to change out. This swap is easy if you decide to do it yourself.
A 4MM deep socket or nutdriver, unplug the wire connector, push the old module down, plug in the new, and voila.

Several things to keep in mind if you DIY. Try to change the module without loosening the distributor and you MUST apply the special grease that comes with the new module to the back of the module. Omitting the grease will guarantee the new one may fail soon.

Here’s what it looks like.

There’s always the possibility it could be something else (electrical part of the ignition switch, ICRM module, etc. but the ignition module should always be the first suspect).