Weird Message from Computer at startup

Hello, I have a 1992 Buick Olds88 Regency. I just went out to start up my car, and it would not turn over and this message came up,“please clean your key and try again in a few minutes.” It is cold outside, but its been way colder, so I thought maybe the weather? But it seems like somethings been tampered with? All electric came on, just wouldnt turn over to start. Waited a few minutes, then it did, but …isnt this bizarre?

For some reason the anti-theft system didn’t recognize the chip in your key and thought the vehicle was being stolen. Thereby preventing the engine from starting.


Never mind, just read up on the passkey passlock recall anti-theft stupid thing that should have been fixed. thanks, anyway.

Sounds like an older anti-theft system that uses a key with a “chip” in it that must match what is in the computers memory…The chip is actually a simple resistor and the computer reads its value before allowing a start…A new key might be cheap insurance as they do wear out…

Yes, thanks, guys, for your reply!! Appreciate it!!